Mapping begins

I started mapping the nodes I know that make up the network.
Toward the left are more traditional currencies and alternative currency, also called community currency projects and people.
Toward the right, I added people who are going beyond money and into a broader field of currencies.
Blue objects are organizations or projects.
Green objects are people.
Where there are strong ties, I have connected them.

Rheonomy – Flow Management

What do reputation and currencies have in common? They both exhibit patterns – acting as currency information between individuals and groups.

Eric Harris Braun, co-founder of the meta-currency project, core participant in the open money project, and E. F. Schumacher Society board member posted to the Berkman Center Law Lab:

Eric Harris Braun

Eric Harris Braun

Money, as a medium of exchange, a unit of measure, and a store of value is the primary information system that coordinates the flows of goods and services through the economy.

We might then say: Reputation — as tokens, achievement markers, certifications and many more — is the primary information system that coordinate the flows of trust through the social sphere.

To understand how deeply these two relate, we need a new expressive capacity claims Eric:

What is needed is the development of a new expressive capacity, what could be called a meta-currency language that allows the social organism to organically develop and express formal information systems tailored to enabling and interacting with all the different types of flows that comprise it. We can still call these information systems currencies because they are about shaping flows, or currents. However, these currencies will take on a huge variety of new forms tailored to the kind of value that they are helping to build. Note that this is not a call to “monetize” social well-being. Quite the opposite, it’s a call to understanding that money as currently practiced, inherently destroys many forms of social well being. But formal information systems can, in fact, build social well being, and we are actually quite familiar with them: reputation tokens, formal achievement markers like grades/credits & degrees, certification markers like USDA Organic, and many more. But as things stand, we haven’t recognized that all of these formal information systems are related families in a larger coherent pattern. We don’t see this, because we don’t yet have the necessary expressive infrastructure, the language, and grammars that unify the structure and forms these information systems take.

What do you believe is the intersection or overlap of reputation and currency?