Next Steps for Reputation Currents

We have explored some of the foundations for identity, and our next step is to explore currency. We talked about identifiers, identifiers in a digital context, and Digital Bodies and User-Centric Identity so far. We have named the following conversations to share over the next several months:

  1. What is a Currency
  2. Aggregating Currencies
  3. What is Wealth?
  4. Forms of Wealth
  5. Agreements – The Basis of Currency
  6. Acknowledgement Currencies
  7. Reputation as form of Acknowledgement
  8. Identity, Reputation, and Currency – Reputation is where an identity has a currency
  9. Social Capital – wealth, reputation, and networks

As the conversation agenda shows, we will weave back from currencies into identity, especially as we look at and explore reputation. Thank you for joining us.

~ Jean Russell and Kaliya Hamlin